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  • Writer's pictureYosef Edery

I hear you, I do try to stay positive, however לצערי sometimes the non positive things need to be addressed, otherwise those who are the suffering from said negative things, cannot free themselves.

הנני נותן לכם את הטוב ואת הרע....

The only way we can ever know differences is if we can compare, this sharpens and clarifies the difference and so on.

The rebbe created a army of good to counter the army of bad that Hitler ימח שמו created.

Blind faith in doing good.

But that is not the ultimate.

The ultimate is for everyone to embrace their free choice בחירה חופשית and to become בני אדם בעלי בחירה.

A rabbit is not מאן דאמר because he is not dangerous.

Only one who has the ability to be dangerous like a lion yet CHOOSES to remain disciplined is admired.

Picture: Rebbe king moshiach shlita reading the Bible.

If you can find the blue books מאמרים קונטרסים חלק א' of the Freirdiker Rebbe on page כא or so, there is a maamer which starts אשר ברא ששון ושמחה and the maamer goes on to discuss the אנשי סדום רעים וחטאים The Freirdiker Rebbe expirienced this evil, in Russia firsthand, the KGB was a hub for the manifestation of evil, as the Freirdiker Rebbe discussed in לקוטי דיבורים.

I would read this almost every night during my parent's divorce period at the age of 12 - 14 including the holocaust diaries... It's possible life is not that bad for many people, it's also possible that not everyone is ready to open up their can of sardines just yet, some need to heal first, some need to distance themselves from their "מקור הברכה"... Others have no need to "go down the rabbit hole" because they cannot relate, but I do.

Yosef in Mitsrayim was COMPLETELY misunderstood by his brothers, they hated him because they saw him as competition, they thought he was telling on them to their father Yaakov to find favor in Yaakov's eyes, but no, he was just trying to understand, to help them out of love, to learn, he understood that they did not understand, that's why he forgave them for selling him.

But they never understood him, that's why they asked Yosef not to kill them after Yaakov passed away....

Yosef scratches Elokus off the walls of the pit he was thrown into by his family, he finds Elokus (positivity) in the center of Mitsrayim. He sees good in the worst. So when certain things are harsh for others, for yosef it's עבודת השם בשמחה.

The true רצון of the Rebbe לע"ד is to battle the true evil in the world.

The question becomes, how many chasidim are even comprehensive of this mission, how many chasidim can see past the מצות אנשים מלומדה of "wanting moshiach" and living a גירסה life...

The true question is, how many of us have dealt with our גאולה פרטית properly so that we can help out with the גאולה כללית.

Light needs to be brought to the darkness.

So a map of all the darkness needs to be complied. So we know who needs us most.

Yechi hamelech HaMoshiach.

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