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The Corona virus has hit the world hard, many businesses are shut down, and there are brand new laws in effect to keep movement very restricted.

For most  of us, it's not the virus that is hard, as it is becoming more and more evident that the numbers of actual deaths o...

Taken from JRE #1453 w/Eric Weinstein:

It is connected to the virus because it impairs the immune system making the virus more of a threat. Have none of you heard if the 10 day 5G webinar that Sayer Ji did over a month ago. Look him up if you don’t believe it.
But know that they will run out of vaccine befo...

We have been tinkering and perfecting with the idea of a ranking system for countries that abide by the Seven Laws of Noah.  We are proud to announce that we are actively working on a chart or list which will rate countries based on their moral values and ethics.  This...

וואו איזה יומיים עברנו
גם מפגש מדהים של צעירי זהות אתמול וגם הצפה של הארץ בדוכנים היום.

בנוסף, מפגשי פעילים בערים השונות, מפגשי מטות ופעילות אינטנסיבית ומשמעותית.

העשייה בזהות עצומה והיא כוללת פעילות שטח חזקה.
השטח הוא אוויר הנשימה שלנו והחלק החשוב ביותר בדרך להצלחה.


Ask people in the US about the Jews, specifically who ARE the Jews, a typical answer you may get is "holy people," "God's chosen," yet ask people in China the same question, you typically may hear "smart people" "very smart people".

Why the divide? The west, as it turn...

But what Messiah are you talking about?

The Torah speaks nothing of any messiah ...

Search for yourself, you will see that the pentateuch speaks nothing of any messiah.

This savior Messiah story is only seen from the Babylonian exile when the Jews syncretized the r...

as trump's administration works on the details of the peace deal - perhaps the most important document of the century - there is so much room for error that to remain silent is a crime - thus MN Global puts forth a few tips on how we should approach such news.


first i need you to watch this video than i will tell you why it is wrong on so many levels that here at MN global we lost count. 

Dr Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of the IIS

that guest is really not an expert imo and i still cannot understand why you have...

Regarding Bib in Israel - as a jew that lives in israel that follows politics i can tell this much - bibi is not as corrupt as the left in israel want you to think he is, the charges against him are as "valid" as the russian accusations with trump - basically mostly sm...

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We can all work together to achieve, please help us in our united effort to unite the world in their efforts to take responsibility, add in goodness and kindness, and reach every corner of the world to light it up with the warmth and comfort of Judaism and the messege of redemption.


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