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Sergei Skripal, was convicted in Russia of spying for the U.K. and had been living in Britain as part of a spy swap. Sergei and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a park bench on March 4. Investigators believe they were poisoned by the banned radioactive chem...

The Jews are now preparing for the arrival of moshiach and the building of the third temple.

70 San-hedrins, or wise people are to elect a Jewish king.  Who will that be?  What are the security implications?

Christians, Muslims, please tell us what you think of this...

We've all heard that killing is wrong, at some point, by someone. Forget about wrong, but what are the consequences that comes with killing? It's kind of up to you, but if you choose to kill, here is what you may get to expect.

I remember the first squirrel I killed, I...

By Yaezamon

For anyone who has taken some level of investigation into the world of culture and religion, one may have already found that Jews and Judaism are unique, because in a way, it is not a religion.  Some Jews are religious, others are not, still some are athei...

Nothing happens by chance, it's usually either g-d or the Jews. We've all had that one conspiracy theorist friend: "Check this out, if I fold my dollar seven times it shows an alien." Must be the Jews, controlling the world... Yet, we also hear: "Woah whoops, how did t...

A story of warriors, like Spartans, only smarter. On this day, a long time ago, in a land far far away... The Evil Greeks have taken over the land of Yerushalayim. A high priest named Luke Skywalker, upon witnessing a fellow man of the Force offering sacrifices to idol...

The new trend - people looking for spirituality, meaning, emotional connection, mental stability, self understanding, building their own image. 

We are now at the time in history where the physical is not satisfying the spiritual. 

Strong influences of Religious and spir...

Let's be honest, we are not going to allow this "process" to continue any longer, not because we want a "violent solution" rather because we feel that a truly peaceful solution is way overdue. Thus we present to you today, our  masterpiece; "the best speech ever on the...

A Blue Print for ג’ולה

As a professional in the aviation industry, I just had a conversation with a pilot regarding the potential for technology to eventually completely replace the need for human pilots in the cockpit, also known as “flight deck” in the more politicall...

Shawn Lei writes:

A ethicist has said that if you want to change your world, change yourself first. 

How do you change yourself?

By changing ANI. 

ANI is a hebrew word that comes from the word "nothingness". 

You are nothing without G-d. Because he is the only true everlast...

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