what could be wrong with this video? everything!

March 3, 2019

first i need you to watch this video than i will tell you why it is wrong on so many levels that here at MN global we lost count. 


Dr Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of the IIS


that guest is really not an expert imo and i still cannot understand why you have him on the show.


he is talking about such unpredictable scenarios , like: before and after the elections makes a difference??? not in israel.


firstly i'm not sure where he lives but 90% of israelis do not want or will never agree to land concessions.


#2 because the few times we did it not only did we not get peace but rather much bloodshed!!! and to think that trump would make such a STUPID THING part of the BEST DEAL EVER MADE is absurd and shows that this DR knows nothing about politics,


#3 if Bibi's Cabinet wins and they are right wing, and he agrees to such a thing, they will dismantle the party and force him to resign, and make sure a new coalition is put together that will oppose it, it really is that simple.


#4 there is a fine agreed understanding by all those who love israel - wheather jewish christian or musilm wheather in israel, supporters in the US or around the world - especially on the right - that giving any land endangers and creates a indefensible position which will be unacceptable,


also trump loves israel, he just moved the embassy to jerusalem which is one of most popular things he has done to date, does this Dr really think he would tell israel to give land? now, regarding benet asking to know the details, that's valid for the simple fact that israel is going to be effected.


but i think america would let israel know if anything is happening anyway, and i feel his public request is a bit immature. plus, the arabs would be much more comfortable talking to the americans if they "know israel doesn't know yet" even if nothing major is really happening. it seems that this guest host takes pleasure in thinking of a 2 state solution and fantasizes his predictions accordingly, but i think it has nothing to do with the current political climate and i feel he is trolling the intelligence of the viewers with his trash, ILTV should screen their guests better in my opinion.







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