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  • Yosef Edery

What you need to know about Israeli Politics

Regarding Bib in Israel - as a jew that lives in israel that follows politics i can tell this much - bibi is not as corrupt as the left in israel want you to think he is, the charges against him are as "valid" as the russian accusations with trump - basically mostly smoke and mirrors. bibi is not clean but they are really playing low ball with the kinds of "crimes" they are accusing him of, like taking a box of cigars as a gift from someone and not declaring it and so on...

That being said. the right - is tired of bibi, because they gave him all the time in the world and all the power in the world to make israel a secure country and to bring terror down to zero - something he has proven not to be able (or not want) to do. thus, in the next election, the forecast seems to be that a stronger more "extreme" right wing party such as "otsmah yehudit" as well as center party "zehut" will be making it in to the next government.

Otsmah Yehudit - is the teeth of the right - they will allow terrorists to be killed effectively and without too much pondering (much like giuliani cleaned up NYC)

Zehut - will take the "politics" (lies) out of politics, zehut for the most part is a very smart group - they want to rip up and destroy crazy government overreach laws in israel which will allow the israeli economy to flourish - such as canceling the 100% tax on imported cars to israel - yep, that's right, if you want to buy a new 2019 bmw in israel you will pay no less than 2 times the market price (!!!) these kinds of laws will be destroyed with zehut in power.

So hopefully soon israel will be stronger and smarter and less of a burden on the US, because it's leaders will be strong and not need to cry to the US for support all day.

This in the long term will mean a much stronger ally in the middle east for the US.