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Meet The Team

Meet the staff and individual team members that are the heart of this great Organization. Our team are a unbelievable source of inspiration to humanity, all here to bring you the best, and most useful tools to truth and redemption. We come together from various backgrounds in order to create an interesting and innovative messege. this is our team, passionate to make world peace a reality.


Martial Arts - Tai Chi Specialist Shawn Lei

Columnist & Martial Arts Instructor

Learned the ancient knowledge of the Chinese culture rich in meditation tai chi and spiritual refinement techniques, plays guitar, comes from a family with medical background, and student of military studies shawn's family traces back to chinese royalty known as  The Zhou dynasty.


Dr. Baruch Margolioth Trappler M.D.

Author & Kabbalistic Scholar

Whose great-great- grandfather was a descendant of Rabbeinu Tam who was raised by the Baal Shem Tov.


Yosef Edery

& Graphics Designer

Grew up in Crown Heights Brooklyn, learned about Moshiach in "770 Moshiach Central" for most of youth, did 8 years in the Yeshiva system including learning in New York, Brunoy France and Postville Iowa. Currently lives in the Holy Land.


Yaakov Cohen

United Nation Envoy

Works in the united nations to promote the seven laws of Noah.


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