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The concept of true love for a fellow human being - created in the image of g-d - cannot be more for some and less for others, here's why:

Seven generations ago in Russia the first Rabbi of the Chabad movement wrote the written Bible of hasidic philosophy, this book is...

"I have done everything I can, from now on, do all that you can to bring down messiah". 

That is what the Prophet and leader of our generation the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah said to his followers regarding the mission of bringing about the ultimate and complete rede...

You think you know politics, think again.

OK let's see, imagine for a moment, I come to you and tell you that you have 2 choices, or to be ruled by a stern honest and pretty straightforward leader, which has a great disciplined family (trump) or by a fake, weak, lier, c...

Former FBI director has Resigned due to President Trump's relieving him of his post, interestingly enough, there are a few stances on this:

Left wing 1: this is a terrible move because it delays the "chances" of a "trump impeachment" because it closes the "investigation...

On Facebook you have great people with great articles on all kinds of topics within the realm of Judaism, full of inspiration, entertainment, emotion and from time to time a touch of logic ;)

Yet, Judaism in Truth, is a mission, a beacon of light & holiness, which all r...

Did you know? that the idea of separation "Kadosh" is one of the core concepts in Tai Chi.

"Separation of duality" is an essential principle in esoteric internal martial arts.  Both Judaism and internal martial arts seeks to bring the dualities together, between heaven...

Chief Rabbi of Japan Rabbi Benjamin Yehezkel Edery operates from his Headquarters in 1-25-18, Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo JAPAN, he has addressed the spiritual needs of the japanese people. "I had to teach them what charity is, it's a new concept here, before i came to japan...

Prince EA is an example of a man using tools of song, speech, rap & Melody to "speak" of goodwill to humanity, some people boost their egos via the music they sing, not so in the religious and moral world.

Great looking images make your blog posts more v...

What have we not done for the Redemption...

Today More than ever, humanity is kind, 
what have we not done?

Today people give lots of charity,

helping the needy is trendy, visiting the sick is cool

#hospitalselfy #recoversoon
what have we not done?

The cry for justice for v...

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We can all work together to achieve, please help us in our united effort to unite the world in their efforts to take responsibility, add in goodness and kindness, and reach every corner of the world to light it up with the warmth and comfort of Judaism and the messege of redemption.


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