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  • Yosef Edery

Moral Ranking List for Countries is Here

We have been tinkering and perfecting with the idea of a ranking system for countries that abide by the Seven Laws of Noah. We are proud to announce that we are actively working on a chart or list which will rate countries based on their moral values and ethics. This chart will allow G_d fearing people to make good choices and moral decisions, in their day to day purchases. This can allow ourselves to distance ourselves from negative energy and committing evil. Additionally, it will allow make it financially wise for countries to change their negative ways if need be.

The chart will be called "The P.E.A.C.E. List" (Physical Economical Aspiration Community of Ethics).

Countries will be ranked yearly on the core for fundamental moral and ethical values listed in the Bible, which are also mentioned in part of the ten commandments and 7 laws of Noah, and can be found in many works of ethics in the scripture.

Do not Kill: a fundamental character trait, a benchmark of a healthy governing system in a nation. A country that can maintain a low murder rate is a healthy sign of a government that respects the value of life, and deals with mercy towards its subjects. Such is worth our economic support and our investment. As a society we must look out for the most vulnerable, which include the orphan, stranger, widow, minorities, children, and those who are struggling to express themselves in the modern world.

Do not Steal: this is the beginning of a crippling economy, and unequal system in which progress is questioned. Educating the youth of a country not to steal and respect property is the benchmark of a society built on the desire to succeed, via hardwork, and not via jealousy. A society that values others property is a society that values its own. High taxes is considered theft, especially in countries or states where corruption is rampant. In corruptions in the high government where it is clear taxes are not used ethically and morally.

P.S. Decisions on what is morally acceptable including in-depth discussions about the list and its functionality, are published to our Facebook page. PEACE list on Facebook. We welcome everyone to comment, debate, and give their opinion on anything they have seen here. We will be happy to go through our suggestions and changes necessary based on our Global Community's requests. Join the group or message us directly at