Moshiach? When? Why?

June 2, 2019



But what Messiah are you talking about?

The Torah speaks nothing of any messiah ...

Search for yourself, you will see that the pentateuch speaks nothing of any messiah.

This savior Messiah story is only seen from the Babylonian exile when the Jews syncretized the religion and came to expect a "new Moses" who would now deliver them not from Egypt but from Babylon!

And to maintain political and economic power in the tribe of Judah and so they chose the lineage of their champion warrior, David.

Thus they make use of their champion David to perpetuate the syncretized myth of a saving messiah.

Babylonian exile occurred with the Jews of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, who were taken to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar II.

It is in this historical period that the supposed Jewish prophets arise, like Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.

This deportation happened between the years 609 BCE. and 598 BCE.

The city of Jerusalem was then besieged and the king of Judah Jeconiah simply surrendered to Babylon without any resistance.

The Temple of Jerusalem is looted and a large part of the nobility, military officers and artificers, including the King, are taken to the Exile in Babylon.

After 11 years in 587 BCE. the uncle of King Jeconiah, is named by Nebuchadnezzar II as king vassal.

That is, a Jewish king submissive to the orders of Babylon!

In that same year there is a rebellion in the Kingdom of Judah, and with it a further deportation of the rest of the Jews to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple of stones built by Shlomo son of David.

It is there, in Babylon, that there is a mixture of beliefs and concepts with exiled Jews.

Syncretism occurs amid slave suffering in Babylon, where Mazdaism strongly influenced the supposed Jewish prophets with the dualism of divine forces, in an eternal war of "one god" against demons, of good against evil, of light against darkness ...

It is clear the similarity of thoughts between the Mazdaismo and the discourses of liberation of the supposed Jewish prophets that nourished of hope the enslaved Jews in Babylon.

The influence of various figures such as Zoroaster, who personifies in his speeches of justice the same high concepts of a supposed divine justice, yet giving the Jews a status of dominion not only over the other tribes, but also a world dominion, placing this "Israel" as being a nation above all and all.

Thus the syncretized concept of an anointed one (hence Messiah) arises in exile, which would solve the problems of all Jews.

Later this concept is enlarged into another equally syncretic figure transformed into a myth by the Christians who took this concept of the saving Messiah borrowed from the mystical Judaism and threw it into the figure of the young Jew executed by Rome, Jesus.

The truth is that the Eternal does not use this artifice at any time with our patriarchs.

On the contrary, the Divine discourse found in the Torah, whose central message is always aligning personal responsibility, the responsibility we have with our own reality, and therefore a personal responsibility.

Each human being will always be responding by his own actions, and carrying on himself the burden of responsibility and the weight of his mistakes and correctness.

Why sowing is optional, but not harvest!

Forget this retrograde ideology of a Messiah solving all our problems!

The Torah promises us exclusively a Prophet similar to Mooshe, but not a messiah, a savior messiah, much less a superman!

all this is looking only at the source alone - the source being the written torah - however - if one can comprehend deeper - one sees that the torah speaks of a king - and how it is an obligation on every Jew to crown a king - thus - the Jewish "Legal" term is  "King Moshiach" which is the way chabad refers to the Rebbe. 


it is true though, that the Rebbe King Moshiach spoke many times on the Responsibility of the individual, the Rebbe gives a extremely down to earth way of creating the Redemption in the world. call it a prophet a leader a king a moshiach, but we need to be humble enough to admit and understand the yoke of a king, while at the same time doing our part with all our strength to bring Moshiach now!


Some Material Borrowed from Ariel Haddad Ben Abraahm - Thanks.


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