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MNG Tour and New York Conference

Firstly, Visiting 770 Eastern Parkway - Chabad Lubavitsh HQ was a essential point of the NY Tour, this Place is held by many as the holiest place to the Ultra Orthodox Jews outside Israel, a place with great light and spiritual energy potential.

Secondly, multiple pre event meetings and interviews took place, some of which are not going to be published due to their sensitivity in relation to the MNG activities however her are a few that were fun, meaningful, and very important.

MNG stands for Moshiach (Jewish Redeemer) News Global.

Information is key, communication is the power we seek to use for de-escalating tensions worldwide, thus, the news element to our name, we use this platform to spread a message of redemption via Moshiach, a complex jewish mystic concept we try to simplify and make user friendly in every article and video we publish, we are global because the time of compartmentalization is behind us, the issues of one are the issues of all, we cannot use the old ways to address issues, rather everything must be looked at in the way it fills the bigger picture, this done all the while respecting the individual for his uniqueness much like the body is one big world, working together for a common cause while retaining each different body part for different tasks.

IAAI, stands for International Advisory and advocacy Institute, and while MNG will be working primarily on crystallizing the blueprint of the world and how we can implement the redemption and premium state of the world via Moshiach in its spiritual contexts IAAI is more of the physical and technical aspect of it all, or in the language of the bible "i will place before you your judges as in the beginning and your advisors as at the start" MNG will be implementing and communicating what Needs to be done like the judge, and it will be on IAAI to communicate that in a "advisory and advocacy" manner to those who need to hear it. IAAI is comprised of world leaders, politicians, community figures and people who have a lot of influence, whereas MNG is comprised of the sharpest minds of the age in the mystic teachings of the worlds inner workings as is written in the blueprint of the world, and beyond. it is their job to be "Right" and "just" with no form of bribery or corruption at all, a force which gains it's existence by being truth through and through.

Thirdly, our official dinner/meeting/award giving ceremony was a smashing success, we discussed interests of the MNG initiative as well as that of IAAI, both, different branches of the same tree, a tree destined to stabilize the world spiritually physically with advocacy, advisory, and the implementation of the blueprint of the world.

Fourthly , a visit to the UN for our members administered by Rabbi Cohen was important, for the reason that the UN was founded to bring peace to a warring world after the World Wars, MNG and IAAI will be there standing by those who seek help, justice, and shelter, to work with governments and the citizens alike, to attain peace and redemption for the world.

Included here is the public video of our conference, please enjoy (sorry for the sound noise)

the discussions and lessons, this is the vision we have of the future.

#RabbiYosefEdery #DrBaruchMargoliothTrapplerMD #TaiChiMasterShawnLei


We can all work together to achieve, please help us in our united effort to unite the world in their efforts to take responsibility, add in goodness and kindness, and reach every corner of the world to light it up with the warmth and comfort of Judaism and the messege of redemption.

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