MNG: Freedom is not for everyone - Understanding & acceptance is.

November 11, 2018

Just an observation, out of the different countries I've traveled to so far, if I have to put my finger on the US, it would be because that it is by far the most idealistic place on earth...




Whether it's the "freedom" "gay rights" "2nd amendment" or "PETA" people take intangible things like "principles" "vision" and "i have a dream" very seriously here.


What we don't take seriously, like money, makes up the aspects of our lives that have power over us.


In communist or autocratic countries where tangible things like money is the area of focus, intangible things... are the currency of power, and it is not money...


I believe that everyone has a place in this world, and so does every nation.


If the United States would quit being the United States, another nation will take over the uniqueness that makes up this country.


Much like the way the brain regions take over areas when one part is injured or removed, but there is always a left and right hemisphere to the brain, as there are eastern and western hemispheres to this world.


All cultures are unique, and serve a purpose in all of our survival here on earth.


Without borders, we would not be unique.


Without walls dividing our body into separate cells, organs, and parts, we would be one big blob of single celled organism, and be limited.


I support world peace, but I also support individual nations to stand on their own feet, and to have justice and freedom in addition to peace.


And there is no organization, group more natural than the nation state itself, because it is based on the geography of the land of Mother Nature itself.


In the past, any transnational organization, be it Christians, Jews, or Freemasons had been forced to be esoteric in nature.


To be secular means to be drawn to tangibles like a king or queen.


To be universal means to be against the interests of individual nation states.


Today, we find the mutual benefit between the interests of nations and interest of All.


No matter what country you're from, there is reason to be proud, and know that it is unique in this world.


We all contribute something to the ultimate goal of life on earth, and that is Abundance (chesed) via restrains (gevurah).


There can be a country where, but intangible freedom is key, like the US; or a country in which tangible freedom is key, like China, but with the price of human rights...


There could even be a country where the motto is to be non free, to be non diversive, and we should limit those ideals to that country only, because if the goal is Abundance, those are ideals contrary to that.


Every nation is a realm and a world in itself.


And we accept the blood and sweat given in international conflicts to maintain that individuality of those worlds...


And if none of those fit you completely, you can always travel.


Picture: Me and Rabbi Yosef on my first visit to the holy land of israel, learning about Judaism and Redemption via Moshiach.


Travel will give you experience no words can communicate.


Travel can also get you hated, because you bring cultures from other places.


Every true traveler would eventually want a home, and that's why we try to find even the traveling Jews a home... and hopefully everyone as well....



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