Moshiach News Global's Letter to George Soros.

October 23, 2018



hey friends, for the record, i wrote to Mr. soros. will he answer me?  i don't know. but this is how it went. i know some of you want to say "he's a war criminal! he loves nazis!" to that i say #1 i don't know that to be his current stance. #2 let's just see, at the end of the day, he preached a messege of world peace, if he is serious about that messege, i hope he will find time to get back to us. #3 being that he is a jew at the end of the day, i am counting on him caring for his people.


so here it is, the letter between yosef edery and George soros.


Dear George,


hi there, i am yosef edery, i was born in brooklyn, i am currently married and live in israel i run "Moshiach News Global"


as i am sure you know, Moshiach means Messiah and is Symbolic of the Ultimate and Complete Redemption the Jews have been yearning for, for so long.


There are many faiths in the world such as christianity and islam, as well as people who might not believe in g-d but do believe in making the world a better place. 


my work consists of listening to everyones dreams and aspirations, everyone's "perfect" world" concept and seeing where we can change or adopt a bit to make room for the other one's dreams to come true.

all that is needed now is a bridge, understanding and so on.

i do believe that at the end all muslims want peace and all jews want peace, all germans and all nations want peace. the content is there, for example, as a Jew, i have the "4 step plan" for peace on our website which includes the crowning of a jewish king in israel, but i quickly learned that the christians and muslims have a "prophecy" that the jewish king that will rise will be the antichrist and that after "7 years of peace" whoever will kill the jewish king will be "the real messiah/Jesus".


this paradox is just one of the many we address and will continue to address with our work, we strive to bring harmony to all mankind.


Our team is made up of a very diverse group of people, chinese, arabs, doctors and so on. i know you want to help the world, therefore i am writing to you, i want to hear your opinion on our work and if you would like to help us financially that would be very much appreciated. 

all the best awaiting to hear from you.


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