The situation in Arizona is shocking!!!

June 4, 2018

The situation in Arizona is shocking and will not - under any circumstances - be tolerated by the American people! If we need to fight off rapist’s gangs and mafias alone we will, if the police and military want to help – they should, but WHOEVER will BE revealed to be – part of the problem – no matter who they are – will be dealt with the same sweep of justice, how long can our children be raped and killed? Sold like cattle to the scum of the earth? According to information shared with congress this year 100K children DISAPPEAR and are kidnapped yearly in the US alone! 100K children! Out of a population of 3 million! That is an unheard of amount of children! It almost sounds like a “rape tax!” what is this madness?


Today more than ever we are closer to a better world people are awake – thanks to people like the honorable president Mr. trump, thanks to real news media outlets like this, which made possible by our Man in the building, the great Ron here at STFN news, people like righties defiance and “Jaded Truter” Alex jones, mark dice, anomaly and all the soldier boys fighting the good fight worldwide.



These events come in close proximity to other events very similar to this, were we see government and criminals working hands in hand to protect the most disgusting animals in our society.


A few days ago we all saw how Tommy Robinson was arrested for “disturbing the peace” when pedophiles raping children was “not disturbing the peace”.


Certain UK Police was well as US police were caught raping children and or abusing helpless defenseless adults while under police custody.


This is unacceptable, president trump was right for saying we have rapist coming across the border – how much the fake news media dug on him for “offending” snowflakes, how wrong they are, what liars, what fake news, look what they found, children’s clothing, undeniable evidence of child rape and arouse on a mass industrial scale, evidence of these “animals” boarding passes, indicating that these scum would fly in to rape and kill children!


This is in the USA! People! This is not in Afghanistan, Mr., trump, if you want to build the wall you have our support, if you want to bring the military and line them up shoulder to shoulder all along the border, you have our support – our children – or even if it is immigrant children, us as a society are one – one people under one g-d.

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