May 29, 2018


      The winds of change and regrowth are sweeping the world, like a sandstorm, thunder in the night roaring, a earthquake that shakes us all to the bone, the world is "Like a strong man arising from wine" (psalms).


      The evil doers are running for the caves, the pedophiles are on the run, it's not all "alice in wonderland" anymore. More and more citizens are breaking free from the spell of exile - the fake life of death, more and more slaves are laying their tools and walking out of egypt, they say to one another; "We are building useless Pyramids for Pharaoh no more!". Slaves don't need to fight for their freedom, they just need to leave.


A million people held under a spell by a few self proclaimed human "g-d's", it's ridicules what this INSANITY/Exile has become. 


For those who made it this far into the Redemption, For those who have seen the truth and the light, rescuing themselves - is just the beginning.


The next step after your own rescue from exile is waking up our friends and family from their sleep, we sit and do the planning of the journey of all our loved ones out of exile.


But than, once out, once we are directing the heards to safety, once we are already winning on so many fronts, once the ball is tumbling on the "NWO" we are now confronted with our biggest mission yet.


Now my friends, is time for the offensive! but not the "the best defence is a good offence" offensive - I'm talking about the whole pie!!! and to do this properly we need to understand Which social voids we need to fill - What are we up against and were we should start.


(Now is were i get to the details) Stuff that need to change:

Movies, Music, Entertainment, Education, Economy, Warfare and so on...


These are the tools - the traps of Pharaoh's mind control system - this is what keeps the slaves asleep - as i always say - being free is not crossing the border - as we have seen - when the jewish people left, they didn't stop asking to go back (it takes a while to free your mind of 210 years of slave mentality, even more so 2000 years)  i am not pro censorship, but I AM About de-poisoning our minds! We are being overrun and injected with so much trash that it is unfathomable, on so many levels we need g-d's mercy.


Oh no!, i did NOT bring you this far to dampen your spirits, i brought you this far to ignite that spark within you! so you shout and scream "long live the king!" long live the king moshiach/messiah! the representative of g-d on earth! the redemption is here! open your eyes! 


We need to stop living double lives! We need to be expressive about the truth, we need to be humble before man and g-d, we need understanding and patience, we need to accept the other for whatever and however he is.

we need to build and build together as a united front, so what do we do?


1. vitamin C, Charity; add in goodness and kindness, this is and forever will be the way we make "global warming" let us make this world a warm and welcoming place for all of our fellow man.


2. vitamin B12, be 12 tribes, understand that just as Jacob had 12 tribes each with his flag and each with his path and "style" in his service of g-d, so too there are many paths to the one and only, honor one Another, respect one another, 50,000 students of rabbi akiva died because they did not respect each other even though they giants in torah. we must know ourselves our strengths and weaknesses, like a body that is in sync, we must strategize with each other how we can all bring peace to the world. love one another.


3. Vitamin D, the "Degel" which means flag in hebrew, often referred to by hasidic Jews as the "flag of Moshiach" is the banner under which we stand united, this flag has a nation (the good people of the world) but no specific place on earth from which it conducts itself. it has a huge army doing mission after mission (adding light and goodness to the world) but weapons of death to defend itself (only weapons of life). it's leader cannot be killed (g-d) its laws and rules eternal (the bible) it's advisors and scholars diverse and it's prophecy is being fulfilled. this is the fight of our lives - the fight of good VS. the other side. this is what g-d wants. and you are a player in this story, you have a g-d given choice to make the world a better place or to destroy it.






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