When is Killing Wrong?

March 11, 2018

We've all heard that killing is wrong, at some point, by someone. Forget about wrong, but what are the consequences that comes with killing? It's kind of up to you, but if you choose to kill, here is what you may get to expect.




I remember the first squirrel I killed, I jumped in excitement, it was a good shot. I put down my pellet gun to go and check it out, it had pissed itself. It laid there peacefully. If there is no afterlife for that squirrel, it could be difficult to imagine that I have caused it any pain, it died almost instantly.


But that squirrel, like all things, probably had desires, goals, attachments, and I have taken them away, I have essentially  blocked all of the things that squirrel wished to achieve in its lifetime.


Believe it or not, Judaism does talk about karma, G-d is also known as the Universe, it's a far more oriental concept than to which western world gives credit. You don't have to believe in G-d to think in common-sense-terms that all energy converts from one state to another, and all pent up energy gets released, including your energy to kill.


Judaism - the most seemingly disorganized religion - if you even call it that, says that you will experience the karma you have put out. That's why the world to come is called a "Redemption" not a free give away on Oprah.


And supposedly, if you don't get your karmic consequences in this life, you experience it in the next one, or through what they call Gehinom. Christians translate Gehinom as "hell." If you caused suffering to someone, you will probably experience the suffering you have caused that person in hell. Sounds terrible but this is where Judaism differs from Christianity.


Gehinom in Judaism is not permanent, in fact they say it lasts no more than a year, and some say you even get the Saturdays off in Gehinom. And regardless of good or evil people, we all pass through Gehinom.


There is hope for salvation and a new life in O Lam HaBa, which basically means "future" or "world to come," in the form of a Spiritual Reincarnation, a non-physical world known as "heaven" or a form of physical resurrection in this world.


These worlds of "Reward" are not an escape from experiencing the suffering you have caused others, but rather a place you reconnect with you sources of energy; G-d.


like, When we get drunk, all of the repressed feelings come up, it only makes sense if this happens when one dies. Near death experience research and Buddhist philosophy supports the existence of a state of mind after death in which one goes into a life review, and the deepest drives and emotions of the subconscious mind rises to the top, before reincarnation or what not, depending on what you believe.


Thou shall not kill, is sometimes translated as murder. But the Hebrew word for "kill" in this case is "Retzach" and scholars have suggested that it means to kill carelessly. I believe this was the actual intention of the author of that line, because religious sacrifices are okay.


Killing an animal to eat it is okay. This is only the religious interpretation of course. If one can only refrain from murder, then it would not be okay for someone to assassinate a terrorist leader, unless the definition of murder means to kill meaninglessly. I killed that squirrel because of various reasons, conscious and subconscious. The degree to which I applied critical thinking, care, and compassion may be lacking, but that's for me and my higher power to know, and therefore objectively judge.


Someone else may have killed a squirrel because he wanted spend quality time with his son through hunting, or to prevent the squirrel from killing another squirrel, an unlikely but possible scenario.


Only the person knows if it's a legitimate reason, because he or she has to probably face it at some point anyways. America is advertised as "the land of Freedom" but a freedom we DO see clearly in the U.S. is the Freedom of the mind, if you want physical freedom, go to Africa, China, Afghanistan where there is plenty of negativity you can choose from.


As a Slayer fan, there is plenty of macabre topics in videos and music, but to act them out, there is no comparison to the other parts of the world where brutality is the rule. If acting out brutality is your thing, go to a third world country. Sometimes, people in nice and comfortable places want to act tough, and people in brutal and harsh places want to relax and be happy.


It's all part of Nature. and looking for what is lacking in your life (personally, i live calm and battle hard for the truth).


But in regards to killing, there is a place and time for it, and this big word varies from "plantlife" in which case we call it harvest, animal life for the "progress of mankind" or fulfilling of the law of the Land in Humanity called "Justice".


Perhaps it's G-d's way of Nature reminding us of how good we have it, knowing our morality means we should take nothing for granted.


If there is ever a future where death and destruction is overcome, then the more we should appreciate what we have.


When we kill, we are creating endings, and like Newton's law of receiving the action you put out, how can we not expect endings in our own lives?


if we are considering killing a fetus, we should first think to ourselves, perhaps that fetus deserves an opportunity just like we do, perhaps it will grow up to be an important person if it grew up.


The same habit or principle can be applied to a boss who only fires those workers with flaws, but never takes a moment to sit down with them and develop their potential.


Every time we kill, we end an opportunity, a possibility, to the life we kill, and we open ourselves up to our own endings. Are you willing to do that? The choice is yours...


to further this discussion and to appreciate life we invite you to see this amazing discussion with Peter Smith on Pro Life and Universal Noahide in UN




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