Are you Perhaps Looking for Spirituality?

December 10, 2017

The new trend - people looking for spirituality, meaning, emotional connection, mental stability, self understanding, building their own image. 



We are now at the time in history where the physical is not satisfying the spiritual. 


Strong influences of Religious and spiritual centers of Education have not been encouraged too much in America, especially not for the mainstream citizens, and although there is freedom to practice, as seen in the private schools, and there is freedom of religion, the fact is, the "average public school alumni" does not learn or take-part in strong spiritual, mental or emotional growth tactics, unless it is to encourage him in the "physical realm of things"and the soul yearns. 


Here is a VIDEO of your typical" public school grown" person and how vulnerable and lost they are from a spiritual perspective. It's sad. 




The soul's void catches up with these people later on in their lives, and now, we have grown ups, who - spiritually -  are children. 


Here is a amazing VIDEO summing up the dire situation of our current public education system:



With so many different kinds of faith to "choose from" the entire Faith concept might seem like an "unnecessary fake market" to get involved in,  for a truth seeker with little to no about faith, and while it is true that the truth is only ONE, it is also true that "Many paths lead to the same ONE Creator" and "The differences between the faiths are like gas stations on-the-way to the truth, how much truth can you handle?".


The fact is, if any of these people would do the most obvious thing, they would be happy inside, and that is, to read the Bible cover to cover. 


It's that simple. 


I'm not even going to go and elaborate into which religion is correct. 


It's just that simple. So before you spend your money on fortune tellers and hipster gurus, try the good old, common sense, tried and tested. And you should be fine. 


Also, see the seven laws of Noah for all mankind on our website for a good basis for a life of value. 


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