The best speech EVER on the "PEACE PROCESS"

December 4, 2017

Let's be honest, we are not going to allow this "process" to continue any longer, not because we want a "violent solution" rather because we feel that a truly peaceful solution is way overdue. Thus we present to you today, our  masterpiece; "the best speech ever on the peace process" 



Jerusalem, capital of the Jews in ancient times, called "the city David" and the city of the Temple Mount, resting place of the ark of the covanent. 


A place where for hundreds of years people from all over the world came to pay respects to the g-d of Israel, the Jewish people prayed not only for their own salvation but for all mankind, the jewish people would sacrifice 70 cows on Yom Kippur for the success of the 70 nations of the world, Jerusalem, the place were the physical, natural and western values catch up with the spiritual, holy, Eastern and Asian parts of the world, were east meets West and were the stability of Jerusalem is the benchmark of stability worldwide. 


A living testimony that no matter how many reasons there are to be divided we must always be united, Jews, Christians and Muslims need to embrace their heritage and history, whilst use their differences as a reason to unite, for we are all one people under one g-d, seeking to promote ethics, morals and peace.  


Written in the bible - G-d promised the land of Israel to the nation of Israel, the g-d who freed his people from Egypt, the eternal g-d of freedom, for the most part, and in comparison to other parts of the Middle East, the citizens of Israel bless the Israeli government and its leadership for a chance at democracy and a stable structure of law in the midst of the chaotic region. 


Israel is truly a oasis of hope rising yet again to give the world a chance at the Grand prophecies of the Jewish people, the Jewish prophecy tells of a time when the lamb will lay with the wolf and wishes for humanity to arrive at its perfection. 


Jerusalem of gold, a place that has soothed the aching soul of mankind throughout the ages, hopefully if we merit to do our part, we will be proud to know that we were part of uniting Jerusalem, uniting the world. G-d bless. 

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