A World That was Meant to Be.

November 28, 2017



A Blue Print for ג’ולה


As a professional in the aviation industry, I just had a conversation with a pilot regarding the potential for technology to eventually completely replace the need for human pilots in the cockpit, also known as “flight deck” in the more politically correct modern term.


We came to the conclusion that in addition to ground operators, there will probably still be a need for a human element in an aircraft flying overhead, and that guy or gal would be responsible for the technical operations [and emergency management] of the aircraft, both as sort of a safety deposit, as well as a way to deal with the unexpected.


As we know, a fundamental part of reality and nature as we know it, is the element of surprise and unexpectedness, and the more complicated our automatic technology becomes, the even more room for error.

So I said to my pilot friend: "I think the biggest change in the future is probably not going to be having pilots or not having pilots, or what kind of engine our future aircrafts may hold. But rather, economically, the future would make life a lot easier, for everyone".

How so? He asked.

Well, I said, look, me and you could probably do our jobs while juggling circus torches and eating pie already, thanks to technology.


In the future, everybody’s job is only going to get easier and easier in terms of manual labor.


But what about all the people that are going to be without jobs because of technology getting better?

Those people then can find jobs that make their life even easier, since technology provides for the basic support for society, like food production and transportation. but that is not all that humans can be occupied with, there is more to life than growing food and moving things around.


There will be These people who wouldn’t be able to do anything unless they have an education…

That’s what they said about online degrees years ago. Employers that were once known to only hire from Ivy League universities like Yale and Harvard, started hiring state school graduates like Penn State and UConn, we guess probably because they realize overly prestigious school graduates often lack real world experience, or have a disdain towards non-intellectuals that doesn’t translate well in the team environment. 


Back Then - those same employers who were said to never hire from online students -  began selecting candidates with online colleges like American Public University, realizing these students may bring in, self discipline and a wealth of real world experience that brick and mortar schools may have to compete with.


Not to mention some schools like Yale and Penn State even offer online degrees that are supposedly indistinguishable from the "brick and mortar" degrees.

I think our educational system can be even more efficient, especially the intellectual side. Physical training like martial arts and meditation can have profound effects on a person’s ability to adapt and learn, isn’t that the whole fundamental purpose of education itself? Who needs to be taught to use a smartphone these days? I still laugh when I hear some library or school is offering courses on “Microsoft Office” That’s along with the “Rockstar Bootcamp” school teaching kids how to be rockstars, and “Humor courses” teaching people how to be funny.


Maybe I’ll start a course on “How to give me all your money,” I promise your money would be well spent. The thing is, humans are designed (by Nature or by G-d), to be resilient, like every other animal, living thing, or even things that exist. Give a kid a smartphone, and before long he or she will be able to teach you cool things about that phone that even you wouldn’t have known it existed. Yet we dumb down our generations by insisting that everything has to be trained, and trained to exactly our standards. You can teach yourself a whole lot by simply having access to the internet, I passed several of my college courses that way...pretty much.

It’s no wonder then, that some of the most successful people in the world, never graduated from a university. Bachelors, let alone masters or Ph.D, which stands for “Permanent Head Damage,” according to some jealous people. Don’t be jealous, or be jealous, I don’t care.

Fun Fact and Esoteric Wisdom:

According to Judaism, technology can be understood as part of the esoteric sephiroth Malkhut מלכות , defined as “creation of the creation.” If mankind or everything that has existed so far can be understood as the creation, what we create is the creation. Other words for this Malkhut is Shekhina which means “Dwelling,” and ” with Binah being the “Mother.” Redemption or G’ula, or sometimes translated as “freedom,” is supposed to come in the last of the seven thousand years of the Jewish calender. And if we assign a year to each of the sephiroth in the Zer Anpin, the last thousand year would be a part of the Malkhut.
You don’t have to understand what was just said (another proof that college education cannot teach you everything, both useful and non-useful), but we see the trend of technology growing exponentially in the last two hundred or so years. It’s nice to see that, as every living thing has some kind of DNA or genetic information, mankind, too, has a bigger plan. Woah, relax, not trying to stuff some Christian propaganda down your throat when I mentioned “bigger plan.” But if an organism is observed to largely follow a set of genetic blueprint as it grows and develops, wouldn’t you call that a plan? Take a deep breath, I’m about to call an ambulance and take you to church. I’m kidding.

But according to some people, mostly Christians, believe that the last 1,000 year has already begun, sometimes during the enlightenment era, or the creation of the United States. I mean it’s not implausible. 


Stuff like this is open to debate, and the Jews are all about debates. So we invite you to debate and discuss with us. If you offend us with your dumb arguments though we have to settle it with you outside the Shul. “Catch me outside the Shul” is something that’s heard everyday at a Shul. (Sources needed)
But we like to think that mankind is bound to have a kind of technology boom like we have today, and it fits perfectly with Judaism, in a good way.

In the future, lives should probably, with all hope, be a lot easier. With technology doing more of our work. More time, if not all time can be spent on leisure. Eastern wisdoms and Western arts will probably converge together to make something entirely new. With less need for manpower and manual labor, governments may remain to serve as spiritual functions, and cultural designations.
Now, my friend raises a good question, what about all the negativities that’s going on in the world…

Wars. Shootings. Killings.

The response is not going to fit in one page.
It may certain seem as if the world has become worse. It has actually become more connected, and less violent. What we do have more, is emotional sensitivity. Veterans come back from wars with PTSD, which has never been taken more seriously possibly in any stage of western civilization. Never before in civilized history has there been more of an outcry towards treatment of women, minorities, and children, historically oppressed people groups. In China, the government is reportedly cracking down on corruption. In the United States, people are crying for justice. Everywhere in the world, people have never been more outspoken, people are seeking the truth of their former idols, whether it’s government, celebrity, or even religious leaders. The death of millions in the past may be a joke, but the death of one person in today’s world is earth shattering. Whether it’s leftists or right-wingers, people want one thing, and one thing only: redemption.

Our wars today, as terrible and painful as it is, they are usually nowhere near the fatalities as we used to have, as recent as the Vietnam war, which claimed tens of thousands of American lives alone. And World War II, 50 million <. One has a statistically better chance of survival in the American military, than living in certain neighborhoods of Chicago, long term speaking. Woodworkers and fishermen have higher fatality rates according to online data than the military. This is not to take the honor out of military service members at all, as the level of honor should not be judged on the chance of death, that would be ridiculous and shallow. But this is progress, and we must recognize it. Our forefathers have sometimes given everything they had, so we can have a better life, so that our world is a little better than theirs, at least in their eyes, we must recognize this. It’s a Jewish Mitzvah “To give kavod (Weight) to one’s parents.” 


We are doing our parents’ generation a disservice if we take this for granted. We also give weight to our parents by learning from their lives, both what we consider good and bad, so that we don’t repeat certain things that they have done. Our history of wars in this world serves as a great reminder of where we came from, and to give weight to that, is extremely important. This way, we can survive and create a long life on this earth, and not fall back to our atrocities in the past.

Orthodox Judaism acknowledges reincarnation, and if that’s the case, spiritually speaking, it’s possible that we may have all been warriors, or sufferers once in a previous life. Let’s create and celebrate a life of peace and prosperity that has never been seen before on this earth, befitting a race of people exhausted and wounded from war. Let’s look back one day and be able to say, our wars and evil were terrible, but what we learned from it, the fruit of knowledge was worth it, because now we KNOW for sure that we don’t want evil, but rather good. Then we are prepared to take care of our planet and other places. Behold! A living breathing person with free will, yet chooses only or mostly good, wow, what did you do to them G-d?

But what we fought for as society, shall never be forgotten. The punishment for eating of the fruit of forbidden knowledge is death. 


But there are values more important than our own lives itself, and few things are more important than our lives itself. Freedom, love, those are two things worth dying for and surely worth living to promote. 


By Ninja Shawn

Quotes in this article are recorded for the meaning, actual words may have been different. 

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