Seven Chakras of Noahide Law

October 16, 2017

Seven Chakras of Noahide Law According to ancient history, or lore, depending on what you believe, Noah was a guy who was the lone survivor of a world sickened with violence. Noah, instead of minding himself with that, listened to his inner voice, the voice of the mystical Hashem, who instructed him to create a piece of technology known as an "ark," which contained the seeds and life forms that replanted biological life on earth as we know it.


Now, the details of the facts and history can be argued, and in Judaism, argument is good thing, (having a beer with the bros you argued with afterwards is also a good thing). If you don't have the access to a good Shul in which you can join the debates with the ranks of wise rabbis and scholars, Ancient Aliens is a great source of information 😉 Whether Noah was an alien or the whole thing was Christian propaganda, that's for you to decide. But what's important is that, we have a book called the Torah, who tells of this ancient character, who used technology to save himself and other creatures along with him. Today, our increasingly integrated international community is being challenged with war, can we rise out of it? Noah wasn't given a grand, nature-defying miracle, instead, he was instructed to create technology, which saved him and the life forms he brought with him. This is a lesson for us to learn today, that, we can rise above the harsh reality of nature, by realizing our creative potentials and use our creations to ensure life continues. The world is a growing, like a baby in the womb, all the nations, like parts of the body are developed, with their unique characteristics and functions. The Noahide laws are like the spine that tethers all the body parts together, the statement of principle that unites all the nations together, yet keep them separate in their own uniqueness, or Kadosh-ness.


When you can see the world as a unified body, unlike your own, things start to make a lot more sense. The far-fetched tales of a future without wars starts to get more realistic. Those of you Yoga freaks have probably heard of the term "chakra," or actively meditate with them. Well guess what, the 7 basic chakras in yogic traditions have a place in the world as well. Afterall, some views suggests that Abraham sent his sons to the east with gifts of wisdom, some evidence that supports this include the linguistic roots of Brahman in Hindi, and similar teachings between that of Solomon and the Buddha (The women and the food.) But we don't know, so maybe you can do some more research for us. Everything I say is debatable, they have libraries of books of debates and commentary on the Torah known as the Talmud, Mishna, Gemara...etc, maybe we can start our own debates and commentary on the 7 Noahide Laws. Yes, you can disagree with me, as sages have disagreed with each other throughout history. Hell is a Christian invention, if you believe that, that's okay, but the belief in an eternal damnation, hell has never been, nor is a part of Orthodox Judaism.


This is just one interpretation:


1. Crown Chakra: (Kabbalistic Equivalent is Kether) The acknowledgment of Oneness You have two halves of brains, but your consciousness feel like one to you. This chakra reflects the first Noahide law, which states that one shall acknowledge a one consciousness, energy, being, or however you translate the hebrew version of "g-d." If you call yourself an atheist, that's okay, the classic "Mother Nature" is technically a name for the hebrew god, its hebrew name can be translated as "Shekhina" or "Malkhut," which is an aspect of the mystical Hashem. In Judaism, belief and faith is not nearly as important as action, and intention. But on a global scale, acknowledging the oneness of the universe, even parallel universes, implies that this world is under the authority of one reality, and is alive.




This would supercede all human authority, whether it's government, democratic people's, boss, or employee. It doesn't make them go away, but at times of crisis, it humbles us to know that we all came from the same source.


2. Third Eye Chakra: (Da'at) Don't Murder If you believe that we are creators sharing the responsibility of creating the world around us, then it make sense to see that killing a person is almost like killing G-d. If everybody are so focused on killing one another, and not creating a better world for more creators to come, then we end up like Noah's generation, who were powerless to defend themselves from natural disasters. Only if we work together, and create, technology, as Noah did, only then can we be more confident to take on the natural elements around us, and fill the universe with life. The symbol for Hashem's promise to not destroy life on earth again like that is a rainbow. As such, each of these chakras have a color attached to them, symbolizing the 7 stages of creation. Tibet Buddhism also teaches the 7 stages. The mathematical, mystical significance of the number since in the universe can be found in another article, it's more common sense than you think.


3. Throat Chakra: (Kabbalistic Equivalent of the Malkhut of the head) Refrain from Blasphemy This does not mean if you say "g-damit, you will go to hell. But it does mean that words have power. Words are representative of intention, and intention is representative of creation. If you pay attention, you'll realize that your intention goes a long way in creating the world around you.


That's because Judaism teaches that you ARE a creator, you co-create with the creative force that created this universe. Research in hypnotherapy have suggested that words are like tiny particles of photons, while miniscule, their effects can be big in the long run. This doesn't mean you have to walk on egg shells afraid to say the wrong things, but rather, be mindful of the fact that you are a creator of the world around you, and what you say and intend, matters. What you post on facebook, matters because you can shape the world with them. Same with tweets, you can send people into nuclear wars with tweets, I mean if that's what you want, then go ahead, but again, you are the co-creator of the world, so be responsible as one.


4. Heart Chakra: (Kab. Chesed) Don't cause unnecessary suffering. To not eat from a live animal. According to Torah, humans were vegetarians before the flood, but after the flood, it was permitted.


The Torah is a bitter-sweet happy medium, sin isn't regarded as something that you should run away from and leave everything behind. Moses was even said to have purposely sinned, so that if G-d wants to kill his people, He has to kill Moses too. That's an example of how Torah is for people who takes a middle path in life, not too good, yet not too evil. So, Noahide laws takes a position that advocates for animal rights, but not as extreme as PETA can sometimes be. Although if PETA works for some people, Noahide law isn't against it necessarily.


5. Solar Plexus: (Kab. Tiferet) Don't steal Property is an extension of our body. While we shouldn't be attached to our property that when we lose them, we get sucked into the overwhelming loss, we shouldn't disregard them either. We are on this earth for a reason, to enjoy the earthly benefits that this world has to offer.


No matter how spiritual you are, you have a physical body, and you have physical property. Money is a form of karma, you take and you give. As long as we obtain our property through just means, it's only respectful that others take it away from us through equally just means.


6. Sacral: (Kab. Yesod) Don't have relationships with things you shouldn't, either it doesn't feel right, or it causes moral or physical harm. Now this can be interpreted into not reproducing something that is going to be an abomination, such as a life form that is inflicted with suffering. This can be important in today's world where cloning and genetic technology is growing. It could also mean respecting the person you have sexual relationship with. In ancient times, according to texts, marriage was a lot simpler. Sex, money, or verbal agreement was all you need to say that you married someone. It means to be with someone, no rabbi was needed, no ceremony was required.


In fact, Jacob was tricked into marrying the wrong woman. King Solomon had 700 wives, and 300 side women according to the Torah. But one thing is clear, respect is essential. The Torah requires the Jews to satisfy their wives sexually, and that divorce is to be written down, and so that others can know that your wife is divorced and open. That's just an example, that's pretty much the whole point, the rest is up to you, and the nation you live in to define what acceptable and respectful sex is, that's all. Heck you might even feel the need to make a law that requires a safe word for 50 shades of grey scenarios... 7. Root: (Kab. Malkhut) Justice and Law That leads us to justice and law.


They say that this law was added later, after the first six were given. That may be true. But a simple 50 shades of grey scenario in which a couple does their dirty deeds illustrates the need to have some kind of rules in some situations, so that maximum benefits can be derived. Everything is a balance, freedom, without a grounding element, is often no freedom at all. Your body has a system of bones that supports your body, giving your body more options to play, to fight, and to do things. Sometimes laws can seem limiting, just like bones. But compared the freedoms of a boneless amoeba, to that of a human being with a skeleton. Even for the rebels out there who thrive on breaking rules, let you ask you this, if there are no rules, how boring would it be? Rules are like the dark shadows of a bright pictures, it makes the picture brighter, and makes freedom more free.



Dr. Baruch Margolioth -Trappler M.D. added to the above:


"The Sefiros are formed as 3 groups of 3: Chabad (Chochma, Bina and Daas), Chagat, and NHY. As described in the Tefilla "Petach Eliyahu" where it addresses each Sefira. "Hesed - Drua Yemina" etc (Hesed is the Right Arm). Gevora - Drua Smoila (Gevora is the Left Arm). Netzach v Hod Shtei Shukim (Netzach is the transpersonal dimension of Hesed, while Hod is the transpersonal dimension of Gevura). And so on for each Sefira. So Yesod is "Siuma de guffa, Oit, Bris Kodesb). When we look at three groups of 3 we find psychological representation as follows: Cha-ba-d = Mindfulness

Cha-ga-s = Self-Soothing (emotional tranquility), and N-H-Y = Anchoring functions."


There's a term known as "San Cai" in Chinese, translated as "Three treasures," at a basic level, it speaks of the upper dantian (the brain), middle dantian (heart), and lower dantian (belly).  The obvious correlation I saw were Shin (head), Alef (heart), and Mem (the belly).  Chokhmh, binah, and daat would be Yin, Yang, and third eye.


The Noahide dream...that one day all the nations live in harmony, under the G-d of Nature, without tyranny, and function as one body. May your own body be a guide and reminder of these common sense guidelines and principles, so that we can live our full potentials as a world community. And if you truly want to use the Jews as an example, then you should debate these rules day and night, interpret them 1,000 different ways, and be creative. Of course, if you want to be even more creative, follow them like sheeps and knock on people's doors brainwashing them to follow them. But if you make a lot of money and get a mansion, don't let anybody in ;)

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