MN Global to North Korea: We want to help, Yet we cannot see how.

September 27, 2017


The situation in north Korea is not good, they need food shelter and above all free choice and freedom, psychopaths narcissists and seekers of power up and down society are prevalent, yet even they understand the "limit to their madness, mutual respect is a number one rule in most of the world, yet for some reason, north Korea's treatment of it's people is not bothering anyone, we need their ruler to threaten to blow up half the world for it to even enter our minds that TODAY there are people who lack physical mental and spiritual energy and are on the verge of destruction at their own hand, if you saw someone that want's to jump off a bridge would you let him? how about a full country? 


we here at MN Global know that the basis of any health structure of human life starts with the g-d given fundamentals told to us is the torah: 


It’s sad that only after the poor man threatens to blow up half the world that we look at north Korea and say “wow, those people are hungry, and brainwashed, and live in terrible conditions, and now, their leader might kill them all in some useless war, boy are they in a bad place”


Therefore we thought “how could we help?”

First we said “let’s go visit him, we can bring the chief rabbi of Japan, Tai chi instructor Shawn lei, Rabbi Yosef Edery, AE Cinema Videography crew, and sit down to discus the following 5 that might make his country great like many others.


But as we dug more, we learned that this man pinned himself against a lot of people, 1. he does not like the Japanese so that is so much for the chief rabbi of Japan. 2. he is not pro Israel at the moment, more like he is pro Palestinians (whatever that means) and 3. the amount of restrictions there is overwhelming, it’s no walk in the park when they tell you that you cannot have a phone on you, and so on.


We decided – for the time being – that we would publish an article instead so here it goes, the 5 things North Korea Needs:


1. Free choice, people cannot enter or leave, cannot learn the torah, cannot have internet, and have way more regulations than our corrupt police can imagine. They need free choice! The bible tells us that we have free choice, and there is nothing more valuable than the bible in the world, thus even with this gem from g-d, come free choice to accept or reject, this is the reason Jews do not try to convert others to Judaism the torah is a book of the most powerful and healing knowledge in the universe, yet g-d did not force anyone into accepting it, the free choice concept of Judaism is what thousands of years after the torah was written, countries will brag to offer their people, while all along those under the banner of the torah enjoyed this simple yet so very critical element in their lives.

2. The 7 laws of Noah, as powerful as a government and it’s laws may be, if people do not have fear of heaven, they will not have that back bone of right from wrong (and even though atheists will say “you don’t need to be religious to be moral” they will say in the same breath that “right and wrong is objective, and changes with time” this kind of flimsy structure cannot hold a for long, not as long as the Jews have been around for at least) the seven laws gives praise not to mankind but to g-d, that is a humbling and true experience for the people AND their rulers, and who needs to remember to be humble more than the rulers, the 7 laws of Noah, these are so universal, so common sense that i still have not found someone who did not acknowledge the good and stability these laws give when put into effect,  here is, yet another g-d given foundational gem, no human life structure can successfully live without.

3. Food! There are several laws connected to charity, one interesting part of charity is that IF YOU NEED, TAKE! Just as it is a commandment for one to give it is just as important that if one needs he should take, I am not a great economical expert, but I know that North Korea needs to “get over itself” and stop living a “double life” and pretend all is well, and ask china for food and shelter, ask the world for help with it’s food crises, everyone likes showing THEY are the ones GIVING this should not be a issue, but how can anyone give if the guy is not asking?

4. Good tools, whether it be a blender or a computer, a printer or a ironing board, no country can offer goods and services to itself or the world without the proper tools, this is most important when it comes to growing the economy, they need tools, plates, pots and pans, they need the things that will give them a fighting chance, china should help, with it’s low price imitations of every product under the sun, they should offer some good tools to the people of North Korea.

5. Allies, Instead of looking who to destroy, they need to look for who to love and respect, yes, everyone is different in this world, that can be a reason to hate or to love, love the “other” BECAUSE he is different, because he can offer you something YOU CANNOT GET along, North Korea needs to get some friends in this world, it will only do them good.

Last but not least here is my video I made this morning of my message to North Korea leadership. Hopefully someone will it to the king together with this article. Shalom.




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