Jewish Law: Rebbe is Moshiach.

July 6, 2017



“Halacha” (Jewish Law) in Torah is the determining factor in “Yiddishkeit” (Judaism) thus the HALACHOS of Moshiach are as applicable as keeping shabbat etc. And they're what the Rambam says: (btw he is the only “POSEK” (Rabbinical Authority) in the matter of a king Moshiach (hilchos melachim perek 12) - and no one argues on what he said, thus making it the undisputed, official, practicallaw).


1. Moshiach must be from the house of David and the rebbe is via the Maharal.


2. He must encourage the Jewish people in all there 'brands' to listen to the written Torah as well as the oral Torah. Again the rebbe did that.


that alone gives him the status of “chezkas moshiach” (he may be moshiach) also the rebbe's so called "passing" is irrelevant due to the fact that moshiach can rise from the dead as well. AND the rebbe is alive. But we will leave that for a later time,

moving on “and if”...


3. He built a temple in his place i.e. the place of moshiach in exile I.e. 770 and -


4. Was a part of the ingathering of the Jews in exile as the rebbe was. Also by helping over 100,000 Jews leave Russia, as well as helping in founding the state of Israel via american support, as well as influencing other countries...

that makes him "Moshiach Vadai" (for sure moshiach) it's important to note that in practical terms the authority of a chezkas or vadai are the same.


Also important to note that the Generation goes by the leader of the Generation, and the rebbe says we are the last generation of exile and the first generation of redemption, combine that and we can’t figure out at which moment exactly moshiach will reveal himself, but it does verify that the Rebbe is the Moshiach of this generation, also because the rebbe did not indicate or leave anyone in his place i.e. a new jewish leader, but instead went into “hiding” which is exactly in sync with what the Zohar explains about how moshiach is “revealed (to prepare the world for his arrival) then concealed (to test their faith) and then revealed (in the ultimate and complete redemption)”.


based on the above, THE REBBE IS MOSHIACH OF OUR DAY! this means that we must learn his teachings and fulfill our part in bringing moshiach!


please see to see how you can help bring moshaich.


also see my personal website: to donate charity to spreading the messege of moshiach and for videos and much more on moshiach.


g-d loves you, so do i, we have moshiach now!

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