Father of The Jews Abraham: Must of been a Punk Rocker

July 6, 2017



"This is the beginning of a new age, an age of Freedom.." - King Leonidas, Movie 300


The Rebbe mentioned that the rebellious youths of the 60's was a sign of the coming of the moshiach, the ultimate symbol of liberation and rebellion against tyranny.  What many people don't know, is that the early punk movement was started by many Jews, including Joey Ramones, and some other people, google it. 


Many say punk is dead, as they say God is dead, I said that's not necessarily true.  We must ask, what is the essence of punk rock.  It can be said that, the essence of punk rock, lies in the upholding of individuality, and the fight against injustice and oppression, perceived or real.  It started with Jacob wrestling with the Angel, to Moshe leading his people out of slavery, to the moshiach movements during the Temple Destruction era.  Want "anarchy?" look no further than the story of the Shoftim.  Want badassry?  Look no further than the story of Samson killing on the Philistines out of pure hatred.  Okay, that's more metal than punk rock. The battle cry from freedom and individuality echos in the history of the Jewish people, and those like them around the world.


The moshiach, or "messiah" means someone who is annointed with oil.  Oil, is a substance that has gone through extreme pressure, extreme oppression, if you will, and comes out with the essence.  Oil separates itself from water, in a way, oil is made, because it is rejected by everything else.  Oil is Kadosh, or in hebrew, "separate," translated as holy, but really means unique, special, and separated.  If you sport a mohawk, but follows along like a sheep, you are a poser.  This is true of religion too, if you simply go through the motions of prayer, church, and everything else, yet fail to keep Kadosh, you're just a religious poser.  Through rejection, and separation, oil rises to the top.


It's funny that, no matter how Jews try their best to deny their Jewishness, they end up creating something that's very Jewish afterall, kind of like how no matter how hard Asians try not to be Asian, they end up being kick ass martial artists...


But I digress... Life is built on separation, a cell is separated by the wall of lipids surrounding it.  Life thrives on diversity, it can be argued that the dinosaurs were wiped out due to a lack of biodiversity.


So let's be different, be ourselves, and separate ourselves from the crowd.  As the 12 tribes were kept separate, as the 12 children of Jacob were kept separate, and all the opinions of Jews are kept separate (two Jews, three opinions.)


There is a reason why generally speaking, Jews discourage conversion.  If you have a way of life, belief, or doctrine, and it doesn't violate common sense moral principles, such as Noahide laws, then keep it, be yourself.


Every single living thing in this world has something unique to offer.  Traditionally Israel, its mission is to "give light to the world."  That's what that country is chosen for.  What the United States is chosen for may be to protect and spread freedom, China, to be a house of wisdom, so forth.  Even the enemy has a unique role in this world.


Like a band that has broken up, its influence speaks through the legacy that it leaves behind.


What is your chosen uniqueness in this world?  What do you have that no one else has?  Can your vision withstand exile?  If so, when do you gather your exiles?  When do you rebuild your temple of your dreams?


Jerusalem was chosen for its spiritual leadership.  But this world needs more than just that, it needs cars, ideas, music, culture, entertainment, what is your leadership area?




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