Temple Mount TOUR: The Center of The world.

June 28, 2017

Regarding the status of the temple mount today I feel that not enough has been discussed & studied in Most religious circles.


not enough of a narrative has been presented to the world - from a Orthodox Jewish point of view - of what should be going on with the Temple Mount today.


This would be important for Jews in general, as well as Christians and Muslims and all people to know. The physical and spiritual stability and balance in the world for some reason always is connected to occurrences with the Jewish People or the holy land of Israel, it has forever been this way, and still is to this very day, the NERVE center of the world. Israel. The Bible. The people. The land.


It's easy to back this up in Jewish and other religious scriptures were the people of Israel and the land of Israel are referred to as "the apple of G-d's eye" something that should be handled with extreme care and not be tampered with...

Back to the Temple Mount...


As for what Jews are told, A very vague "Jews should not go there" status is in effect, due to the law in Judaism being that a unholy person can not enter the Temple without being sprayed with the ash of a red cow as instructed in Jewish scripture, to rid us of our "unholiness" of different types which we acquired during exile.


There is some truth to that claim and there is some nonsense as well, let's get into it.


Jews are ALLOWED to enter the temple MOUNT in a IMPURE status, and are also allowed to enter the area of the temple itself if they are freeing it from non Jewish hands.


There are those who claim that "it's hard to know where exactly the Temple stood thus its best not to go on the Temple Mount altogether".


This statement has circulated very well, but likewise is a lazy argument, even simple people can easily understand where the "holy of holy" is, which is the exact spot of the "fountain rock" and even according to Jewish tradition, even though the temple might be destroyed and most signs of Jewish presence may fade, the "fountain rock" is never hidden.


Well then, if you know where the holy of holy is, which is easy to tell, because it sits exactly on the "fountain rock" which is revealed, using today's technology and knowledge of the measurements of the temple it's very easy to know EXACTLY were the Temple is to stand in contrast to the rest of the Temple Mount.


Prayer at the temple mount is of great importance in Judaism, the Temple Mount bares a holiness higher than the rest of Jerusalem, which in turn has a higher holiness then the rest of the holy land of Israel, which in turn has a greater holiness then the rest of the world.


What every Jew agrees:


Every Jew agrees that the Jewish Temple Must be built on the Temple Mount as soon as possible.


Unlike you might of thought, there is no problem - as far as the Muslims are concerned - with the Jewish People and their King building a Jewish Temple on the temple mount, it turns out that over a thousand years ago the Muslims who built their holy sites on the temple mount, made certain that it would not interfere with the Jewish Temple.


Similar to the double parking that Christians and Muslims took surrounding the holy Sabbath, on took Sunday, the day before, and the other took Friday.... You get the idea....


The Israeli government is not helping or disturbing in this matter, If anything they are disturbing, as usual, they bend like hot margarine to the local politics and corruption and care less about what the Jewish Scripture says needs to be implemented.


After the six day war, soldiers were ready to bust the dome of the Rock out of existence to make way for the Jewish Temple, but then, Moshe Dayan (probably a British spy) told them to back off and leave it alone (?) the Arabs were in retreat and the entire land of Israel and beyond was in Jewish hands, the soldiers were able to drive into Damascus if they wanted to, but no, these Jewish miraculous victories - clearly G-d's gift to the Jewish People after the holocaust - were too much for the ZIONISTS non religious scum to handle, and before you know it, "Israeli" Zionist scum politicians were destroying all the progress that was developed with the end of the defensive 6 day war which was earned by the blood and sweat of Jewish lives, they gave back half the land, oppressed their people and gave weapons to the terrorists.


Their initial actions were to be costly and Jewish blood would spill again on the Yom Kippur war later on, and on other occasions, all of which could've been avoided if only the Zionist government admitted and accepted the hand of G-d and followed the instructions in the bible in how to deal with the holy land of Israel.


We learn history so that the mistakes of the past do not repeat themselves, or so we hope.


To the heaters of the Zionists, we are with you on this matter, us Jews suffer from them the most, just as the Muslims are the first to suffer from Daesh/ISIS.


Another Matter closely connected to the rebuilding of the temple is the fact that a Jewish King must be crowned before the temple is built, this is a matter of utmost importance in Jewish law, if we look at how king David became king it might give us an idea of what the process might be like, but then again, this too, is a topic not discussed nearly as much as it is relevant to Judaism in real time.


In any case, here's my video of my day on the Temple Mount. Enjoy!




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