True Love is everything or nothing

June 27, 2017

The concept of true love for a fellow human being - created in the image of g-d - cannot be more for some and less for others, here's why:




Seven generations ago in Russia the first Rabbi of the Chabad movement wrote the written Bible of hasidic philosophy, this book is known today as the "Tanya", there - he discusses the meaning of love.


There are 2 basic kinds of love, one is a love which is on condition, and one which is unconditional.

A love which is on condition, once the condition is gone, so is the love.


For example, if a man loves his wife only because of external beauty, then if she is not beautiful, his love for her is gone.


However if he loves her because she is a creation of g-d and he believes that this spark of g-d will shine, then the love cannot be extinguished.


Someone might say "well, you just gave a reason, you love them because g-d created them, it might be a more spiritual reason, but it's a reason nonetheless" to this we must clarify, when we are saying "love above reason" it means that we are willing to "love" or "invest" in a fellow human being, without them needing to prove themselves a help to us personally.


Higher than reason in regards to the love.


Nine generations back, Rabbi and Kabalistic Master Yisroel Baal Shem tov, used to take long walks and meditate for hours in the deep forests surrounded by the wildlife and nature, later he wrote that one should love everything in G-d's wonderful world, he used to go to the villages of the simple people and tell them "g-d loves your innocent prayers more than those who studied a lot and are full of ego" he used to teach that if one has not mastered the fulfilment of the commandment of "love your fellow as yourself" he cannot claim to be serving g-d.


Back to the topic, first we have to identify what we are looking at, like humans or nature, and then love them for the g-dly potential which they carry according to their category, this is so the right amount of attention and compassion is given according to the function of the that element.


Humanity is the highest of all beings, g-d gave him wisdom, power, choice, speech, and the ability to change his character by influence, he is the main character g-d entrusted to "work the garden and protect it" therefore if a human life is in danger versus that of the animal kingdom it is obvious that according to the bible the human life is to be saved first.


(the cursed Nazis carried a strong "animal rights" ideology, unfortunately "human rights" evidently was of lesser value, this goes to show that priority thinking is vital for a successful society).


So once we can identify the element which g-d created, then we can relate to it accordingly.


But the love should be unconditional, and thus, if someone loves humans because they are created in the image of g-d, then we are all the same in essence, all that is left is to reveal that common goal.


Therefore the concept of trust, devotion and love, can truly only be, all or none. If we love humanity, then it's all humans, and if we love nature it's all of the wonderful things g-d created in the world.


However the moment the love is dependent on a condition, it's not truly real. It may expire, and even if it hasn't yet expired, it's dependency on a detail, doesn't allow for the love to have a true effect.


Many today truly aspire to World peace or Redemption via Messiah, and would "love" to be a part of the solution to exile and bring about the best time in history for mankind - spiritually and physically, if this mission is "unconditional" we may succeed.


Note, because "love" is a emotion, logic is less important, and after one loves his fellow man, obviously it is a obligation on both of them to use their g-d given intellect to manifest ideas and actions together, which will be a part of making the world a better place.


There are people who disturb their fellow people and are far from being able to help make the world a better place, we should love them regardless, which should translate into trying to help them,our relationship with them should be in accordance with their capability to understand how to work together on at least small things.


Perhaps an example can help:

A cow gives milk, a donkey is good for heavy loads, and a horse is good for riding fast. If we need milk we go to the cow and so on. But trying to squeeze milk out of a donkey or trying to run fast on a cow is not a good idea, each animal has its advantages and disadvantages.


So too, every person has a way to serve g-d, if we can find "common ground" with someone, then good, if not, then also good, our love of all humanity must never be extinguished no matter what the excuse might be. 



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