JEWISH MESSIAH: I have done everything I can.

June 27, 2017

"I have done everything I can, from now on, do all that you can to bring down messiah". 

That is what the Prophet and leader of our generation the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Messiah said to his followers regarding the mission of bringing about the ultimate and complete redemption.

This came after over 40 years of the Rebbe king Messiah starting multiple campaigns to further the impact of Judaism, Hasidic Works, and most recently and most importantly, the Prophecies and Message about the redemption.




until this point, all those following the Rebbe's work thought that "everything is on schedule" that the Rebbe would "go open" to the world about himself being Messiah, the Jewish people would be united, and the young and old would join the Rebbe in building the temple on the temple mount and finally, the long awaited Jewish exile which has been going on for around 2000 years would end and the redemption would come to pass as written in the bible, and as explained and prophesied by the Rebbe.


But when the Rebbe came out and said "I have done everything I can, from now on, do all that you can to bring down messiah" especially in the tone the Rebbe said it, it gave off the impression that something was terribly wrong, and that the Rebbe foresaw that his followers weren't "doing all they can to bring down messiah"...


When the followers of the Rebbe king Messiah heard what the Rebbe said, they broke out in the chant of" "ad mosai" which translates to "until when(?)" it is a universal Jewish outcry over the long exile, in other words, the followers of the Rebbe were trying to express that they wanted To bring about Messiah, as much as the Rebbe did.


it's been about 20 years since this talk by the Rebbe yet so as long as Messiah has not been revealed to the world, those words of the Rebbe are analyzed again and again, perhaps there is a message in those words that can explain what needs to be done, what we missed, which will bring about Messiah.


A song in Hebrew was published which goes through the story of how the Rebbe says his statement of "do everything that you can" and how the followers of the Rebbe answer "long live our master, teacher, and rabbi, king messiah forever!".


This pretty much sums up the 2 groups of followers of the Rebbe, some "relate" to the Rebbe by saying "ad mosai" "until when" and others show "more devotion" to the Rebbe by proclaiming "long live the king..."


the problem with both of these replies are that they both don't address what the Rebbe requested (!) the Rebbe did not ask for us to "relate" to him, nor did the Rebbe doubt our "devotion" to him, the Rebbe stated that there is a crisis, we are behind schedule in revealing Messiah and that physical ACTION is at this point is what is needed.


So what would be the right approach? What would be the best way to respond to the message and demand for action to bring Messiah by the leader, Prophet and Messiah of this generation?


It's: 👑 "נעשה ונשמע" 👑 
"We will do and we will listen".


A great event in Jewish history that carries similar magnitude to the Redemption via Messiah today, is that of "the giving of the Torah/Bible at Mount Sinai".


At that point in time, the bible tells us that when the Jewish people were asked if they wanted the Torah/Bible, they answered "we will do and we will listen" and we see today that the answer they gave was the right one, it had the desired effect on the "giver of the Torah/Bible" - which is hashem/G-d - and it Stirred the people who were receiving the Torah in the right direction, to fulfill and accept whatever it was that g-d was offering them.


In my humble opinion I feel that if we take the same approach we took then, and apply it to the request of the Rebbe King Messiah, we sure will have the results of the Redemption we have been working so hard to get.


In summary, I see that "the energy" to bring Messiah is there, but it needs to be more specifically directed to bring about the results we want.


So yes, we "relate" to the Rebbe, and we are "devoted" yes, and those are important pillars within faith, as the verse says "and they believed in G-d and in moses his servant".


But if we are to bring the Redemption via Messiah, we will need to remember that what the Rebbe asked us is for action, "DO all you can" And only when we deliver according to the request of the Rebbe, can we truly say "we are doing all we can".


Let us know if you agree with this assessment by commenting on this post.

And if you want a "TO-DO" list based on the last two years of the Rebbe King Messiah's talks, which is probably the action the Rebbe intended, please let me know.

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