5 Children - 5 Destinies of Struggle Parable of a lifetime.

June 27, 2017

A Jewish child grows up in the inner city of Brooklyn NY, he attends the local Jewish private school while his parents work hard day and night, he is taught the bible and it is up to him to apply its lessons to his life, so goes his life for the most part, in school, many fellow students are striving to do the best in refinement of character and service of g-d through prayer, learning and acts of kindness to their fellow man.


A Christian child in a small village in the USA attends public school, his parents work hard to keep things in order so their lives are stable enough for their kids to grow up happy and healthy, they'll cut the grass and ride their pickup truck, they'll water their flowers all along the front lawn, the child will Learn right from wrong a bit in school and a bit more at home, he wants world peace and hopes for a good enjoyable life.


In a shed on the other side of town there is a house with a child 7 years old, he sees his father beat his mother, then watch his father leave home, his mother finds someone who she loves, but he doesn't like the old kid, they put him up in a shelter of sorts, and from then on, he feels neglected beyond repair, time passes and he turns into a though fellow, illiterate and bitter, he falls into crime, and before he knows it begins a lifestyle most people avoid at all costs, he does this as survival but also out of ignorance.


A billionaire family has a special dinner with friends, there is a secret sacred human sacrifice to be held, they are Satanists, they watch how a child is killed and then celebrate all the evil in the world, for them, extracting or teaching fear, pain and suffering is the highest level of worship, there great grandparents were Mayans, back then, human sacrifice was more common or less regulated, but that's not a problem when you are as rich as they are, today, even the worst things, can be done with the right amount of money, for now at least, they haven't had any issues, ordering children, having them delivered and killed without a trace of evidence of a crime, a breeze, even better, even if the public catch up with schemes, there are so many other rich people in high places, that it is very hard to actually hold anyone accountable, after all, everyone is scared of the human killers, they don't want to die.


A child in India grows up in his tribe, one day they give his class a "health shot" vaccine that a rich American donated, "why didn't he help us with clean drinking water?" they wonder, no matter, they take the shot, him and 4 of his classmates die within the year, oh, that rich American who donated the shots, he was a satanist.


The fight between good and evil is on, we are all involved, some more some less, let's be the light, lets end crime and bring those committing crimes to justice before this world losses all moral!

What have you done today to bring messiah sooner?

Let's add in goodness and kindness learn about messiah in the bible and pray for peace.


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